A recreational weekend project in which photography reaches people through the recreational space offered by the restaurant spaces where they usually interact. The talk, the purchase of photographic work, the exchange and a pleasant atmosphere promote the goodness of the event. It can be proposed in a complementary way with the FOC VISION project.


A proposal for the weekend, hence its name, is based on the resident photographer, taking advantage of the existing bars and restaurants in the town concentrated in a specific space or on a specific street. The resident photographers who participate in the event wait in these premises with their folders full of photographs, awakening interest, chatting, selling or exchanging with the usual people of the space, fans who participate in the call and the general public. It is about working from a space that encourages encounters, entertainment and recreational leisure based on photography. The idea is that the event lasts approximately two hours, it can be an aperitif or an afternoon beer. The activity can be complemented with the FOC VISION project.


Leisure venues and establishments in the town that are willing to participate and welcome resident photographers. The participation of 4 or 5 authors, local or who develop their work in the regional area, is expected.