Letter COMMITMENT good professional practices 2022

From FOC (Cultural Observatory Photography) following the guidelines derived from the II Meeting of Directors of FEM FOC Photography Festivals, held at the Palacio de les Aules of the Diputación de Castellón on October 14 and 15, 2021: we urge any initiative or cultural event that they have present and implement in them, in relation to the Good Professional Practices that must mediate between the different agents, which generate cultural content in them, the following actions or lines of action:

1. Fair and mutually accepted remuneration of the people, artists and workers who participate in it.
2. Parity in gender equality and inclusion of underrepresented artists.
3. Contractual relations between artists and initiatives in writing and as detailed as possible.
4. Inclusivity and accessibility of diverse groups.
5. Protocol against harassment and sexism.
6. Transparency in management and information.
7. Design and implementation of activities according to criteria of ecological sustainability.

We advise in the particular field of visual arts that the rules and recommendations established in the Manual of Good Practices in Visual Arts, published by the Union of Associations of Visual Artists in May 2008, be taken into account and followed

At the same time, we ask each and every one of the people responsible for the projects included in the FOC Platform, open to Photography Festivals and similar initiatives, to follow these recommendations and apply them with the best possible will, regardless of the circumstances. individuals and We point out that participation in said Platform and in the activities organized through FOC necessarily entail that said initiatives adhere to these recommendations.

In Castellón on August 31, 2022 FOC