FOC, Fotografía Observatorio Cultural (Cultural Observatory Photography), was born out of the need to create a communication and dynamization platform between national Photography Festivals and work to value the work carried out by all of them. In addition, to provide a space capable of creating synergies between Festivals and creators.

FOC is an initiative created in 2019 by Daniel Belinchón, founder and director of Imaginaria Photography en Primavera, from Castellón, Tania Castro, founder and director of Photon Festival – International Photojournalism Festival, and Lucia Morate, artistic director of PhotoAlicante.

Currently the FOC organization is made up of:

Daniel Belinchón, Founder and director of Imaginaria Photography in Primavera (Castellón)

Leo Tena, Director of the Teruel Punto Photo International Photography Festival since 2008 and the MIL festival since 2018 (Teruel).

Currently FOC has created

  • FEM FOC : National Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals
  • FER FOC : Professional Photography Fair, and has created a network with more than 44 festivals in Spain and other countries. In addition, it collaborates with the PHEN, Photo European Network.