FOC, Cultural Observatory Photography, was born out of the need to create a communication and dynamization platform between the national Photography Festivals and work to value the work carried out by all of them. In addition, providing a space capable of creating synergies between Festivals and creators through the FOC Platform.

At FOC we understand Photography Festivals as cultural initiatives that promote knowledge, diversity, creativity and reflection through different activities related to photography, understanding that this currently constitutes the fundamental element of social communication and creation. of community sense, always keeping in mind the territorial dimension.

FOC, as a Cultural Observatory, is also concerned with the improvement of working conditions in the professional sector of cultural photography, and the recognition of this practice as a creator of social value, referring to the contents that are created, the reflection that generates around problems that affect society, and the patrimonialization of these contents as cultural practices.

FOC works for the recognition and improvement of the cultural sector that creates photography and the still image, either as a cultural practice or as a cultural product, paying special attention to the processes that generate both elements, dynamics that allow through reflection and dialogue a better knowledge of the social universe, thereby seeking a cultural enrichment of people and society.

FOC is an initiative created in 2019 by Daniel Belinchón, Tania Castro, and Lucia Morate, which is currently coordinated and directed by Daniel Belinchón.

FOC has created

  • FEM FOC: National Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals (Valencia, CCCC, 2019, Castellón, Palacio de la Diputación, 2021, Soria, Palacio de la Audiencia, 2023)
  • FER FOC: Professional Photography Fair (Castellón, Palacio de la Diputación 2021, 2022)
  • FOC REPORT: A biannual analysis in which the situation of the Photography Festivals sector is presented (Castellón, UJI 2020, Soria, Palacio de la Audiencia 2023)