FER FOC aspires to become the Professional Fair of reference in the sector of the exhibition of photographic work and encourage the creation of the first stable photographic exhibition circuit in the Spanish territory, taking advantage of the synergies generated by the different photography festivals that participate and operate from the FOC Platform, in collaboration with IBERICA FOTOGRAFICA.

FOC, Photography Cultural Observatory, under the coordination of Daniel Belinchón, designs and seeks financial support for the realization of the III Professional Photography Fair FER FOC, which expands to a national level the experience that during the I FEM FOC Meeting of Photography Festivals , held in Valencia (CCCC, 2019), gave Valencian photographic visual creators the opportunity to present their exhibition proposals to festival directors who participated in the meeting. As a result of the dialogue between both groups, multiple roaming agreements for photographic works were closed. The experience was successfully repeated in the two editions of the FER FOC (Castellón, Palacio de la Diputación and ECO de les Aules, 2021, 2022)


In June 2022, the IIª Feria Profesional de Fotografía (Professional Photography Fair) organized by FOC, FER FOC, will be held thanks to the support of the Diputación de Castellón.

In the 2022 edition, FER FOC will have the participation of 15 national and international directors. Each director attends the fair with a signed FOC commitment letter.

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On October 16 and 17, 2021, the 1st Feria de la Fotografía Profesional de Castellón (Professional Photography Fair of Castellón) FER FOC, organized by FOC (Cultural Observatory Photography), took place at the Espai Cultural Obert de Les Aules of the Diputación de Castellón (Castellón Provincial Council), under the direction of Daniel Belinchón and Leo Tena, with the support of Diputación de Castellón, had the participation of 13 directors of Photography Festivals and 149 authors in its public call phase, of which 52 participated in the face-to-face phase of the Fair.

100% of the authors and directors who participated in the face-to-face phase of the Fair describe the FER FOC initiative as very necessary (84%) or necessary (16%).

68% of the participating authors consider themselves satisfied or very satisfied with the results of the fair. 2 out of 3 participants positively valued their experience.

For 76% of the authors, the relationship established with the directors was very enriching. This value rises to 94% when they assess their relationship with other authors.

84% of the authors affirm that one or more than one director was interested in their work. 61% of the attending authors reached a firm agreement with one of the directors present. 66% of them received a proposal for future collaboration. In other words, almost 2 out of 3 participating authors received and closed a collaboration proposal.

For 76% of the authors, the proposals they received were “in professional terms adjusted to their expectations and at market prices”.

The planned investment, the one generated by the festivals themselves in the authors who have participated in the first edition of the FER FOC scheduled for 2022/2023, exceeds 75,000 euros.

84% of the participating authors consider the experience as enriching or very enriching. For just over 9 out of 10 people who attended the First Professional Photography Fair in Castellón FER FOC, their participation in the fair was worth it.