National Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals in Spain

In 2020 the FEM FOC project, National Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals of Spain, was born.

Photography and the fixed image together with audiovisual narration have become the phenomenon of social communication par excellence in our current reality. More than 95% of the information we process daily is iconographic, with the image mediating any type of social relationship. That is why education in the image, the professional platforms around it and the management of the professionalization and dignity of the figure of photographers are indispensable today. However, the increasingly worrying lack of aid, subsidies and enhancement of both photography professionals and managers who promote and support it is observed.

It is therefore necessary a space for reflection, communication, exchange, and much more important, for action.

FEM FOC is annual and is open to all festivals that want to join and create synergies.

The objectives of these meetings are to generate dialogue, analysis of problems and search for solutions, lines of action, training of directors in grants and institutional aid, as well as a productive exchange among the attendees.