In June 2022, the IIª Feria Profesional de Fotografía (2nd Professional Photography Fair) organized by FOC, FER FOC, will be held thanks to the support of the Diputación de Castellón.

In the 2022 edition, FER FOC will have the participation of 15 national and international directors. Each director attends the fair with a signed FOC commitment letter.


To ensure the success of the FER FOC fair, we have designed a user experience that includes:

  • Pre-agreement with the directors to select at least one author for: an exhibition, talk, projection, edition of a book, etc, at their festival.
  • Permanent audiovisual exhibition during the event of your projects.
  • Screening night open to the public where their projects will be the protagonists.


  1. They may participate exclusively being of legal age, regardless of nationality or place of residence.
  2. The author is responsible for all responsibilities arising from possible claims by third parties, related and not limited to intellectual property rights and image rights on the images and / or claims made by the protagonists of the report, whether they are natural or legal persons. , exonerating the organization and the people who compose it from any type of responsibility derived from it.

All those presented agree to be registered in the FOC newsletter to keep them informed of news and information about the festival. The FOC organization undertakes not to sell said database to third parties.

Attendees accept the transfer to FOC of 2 of their images, to be chosen by the organization, for publication in the press and all types of media and social networks, always expressing that it must be published within the framework of the event and to give publicity and promotion both to the author and to FER FOC.


Registration will be made in digital format through the form provided for this on the website

A PDF with photos and text with a maximum weight of 9 megabytes must be attached to the registration form.


Registration will be open from April 1st to May 1st at 11:59 p.m., 2022.


The selection will be carried out through the evaluation of the proposals presented by the directors participating in the Fair.

The list of authors selected in this first phase will be known on May 15, 2022.

The authors who present their dossier and their multimedia (up to three proposals per author) and who are willing to participate in the face-to-face phase, must be aware that between the communication by the organization that they have been selected and the completion of the face-to-face phase, which will take place on June 10, 11 and 12, 2022.

The authors who participate in person at the Fair will be located together with their proposal in the space assigned to them. The directors will visit each of the participating authors and get to know their work firsthand.

The maximum number of authors that will participate in the commercial meeting phase will be 35. The directors will have a period of 12 hours to meet and interview each one of the authors that participate in the face-to-face phase of the exhibition.

The selection of the authors who participate in the face-to-face phase of the Fair will be those whose proposal(s) have been selected and confirm their attendance at the Fair, until the 35 available places are covered. The maximum number of authors is 35 face-to-face participants to ensure that the relationship between directors and authors is the best possible, knowing the temporary limitations of the fair.

The proposal selection phase is open to as many people who want to participate in it without limit as long as they meet the established criteria and accept these conditions.


Registered persons must bring with them a paper copy of the photographs they want to show to the directors of Photography Festivals attending the meeting. In the event that they wish to present their work on a computer, they must come with a laptop for correct viewing.

During the face-to-face phase of the Fair, the organization will ensure that all the directors meet and interview the participating authors, but we emphasize that it is not a portfolio reading but a meeting in which both parties study, value and agree collaborate to carry out a common commercial proposal if such an agreement is reached. Participating authors may request advice or assessment of the work from the directors, but their commitment will be fundamentally to assess and reach collaboration agreements if both parties express such interest.


The selection will be carried out by the directors of the Photography Festivals that participate in the second edition of the FER FOC. The maximum number of authors selected to participate in the face-to-face phase of the Fair will be 35.

These will be selected based on the cross assessment of the different directors participating in the event. Each of the proposals received will be valued from 1 to 5 points, with the 35 exhibition projects with the highest score being selected.

The evaluation of the proposals received by the directors participating in the Fair will take place between May 2 and 14, 2022.

People who attend the selection phase may present up to 3 different projects or exhibition collections. They must be sent in PDF format through a dossier containing the following information:

  • Motivation letter for participation in the 2nd Professional Photography Fair of Castellón FER FOC
  • Series title.
  • Justification of the sample or description of it.
  • Number of the work that compose it, formats and support.
  • Photographic series (if complete) of the sample, or at least 8/12 images if incomplete for evaluation.
    Characteristics of the work, if it is unpublished or not, or if it has already been produced and has been exhibited, a list of the places and dates on which it has been exhibited.
  • Brief artistic resume of the author.
  • If it is produced, indicate that it is.
    Transport conditions of the work: packaging system (wooden box, cardboard box, bubble wrap…, number of packages, weight and dimensions).
  • If it is not produced, indicate the characteristics in which you would like to carry out the production; materials, supports, formats, number of pieces…. Also indicate if other different applications of the work other than the photographic exhibition are contemplated, that is, a photobook, audiovisual projection, presentation of the work, participation in round tables based on the experience of one’s own work, etc…

In addition to the dossier, it is advisable that the authors also send us the exhibition proposal in audiovisual format, for its projection during the face-to-face phase of the Fair. The videos must have a maximum duration of 4 minutes, and must serve to present their work in an attractive way to the participants in the Fair and the general public. The audiovisual presentation format for its projection will be in .mp4 format or any other, as long as its reproduction in normal and current media is guaranteed.

The multimedia that we receive will be projected permanently, during the duration of the event, in a room of Espai Cultural Obert Les Aules in Castellón. The 15 best rated among those presented will be presented at the Fever Night #FERFOC screenings that will take place on June 11, 2022 at 10:30 p.m.

Remember that the fair is aimed at enabling itinerancy of the work produced and that this is an important aspect when selecting the works, however, those proposals that, without being produced, are of interest to at least two or more directors face to face are also valued. to propose the co-production of interfestival works. In other words, compared to two proposals that obtain the highest possible qualification, the one that has already been produced will have preference.

The Fair is not planned as a reading of portfolios, but as a business meeting between directors and authors. The former have the obligation to know and make themselves known to each of the participating authors in the face-to-face phase of the fair, and to agree with at least one of the authors the presence of their proposal within the corresponding festival. The latter aim to make themselves known and propose a possible commercial relationship to those festivals that consider more in line with their work.

Giving advice or assessing the proposals received in the face-to-face phase is not the task that the directors attending the fair must carry out, although they are free to interact in this sense with the authors who request it.

Once the most valued proposals are known, the Fair organization will contact their authors and propose that they attend the face-to-face phase of the Fair. They must confirm their attendance.

The quota of authors participating in the face-to-face phase of the exhibition will be completed until reaching the figure of 35 plus 5 reserve people, summoning the most valued proposals until reaching said figure among the authors whose proposal has been selected and who have accepted their participation. in the face-to-face phase of the exhibition.

On May 15, 2022, the list of authors who attend the face-to-face phase of the Fair will be made public. This will take place in the Les Aules Open Cultural Space of the Diputación de Castellón, on June 10, 11 and 12, 2022.

The directors who participate in the II Professional Photography Fair of Castellón have the commitment to close at least one commercial agreement with one of the participating authors. This agreement is open to negotiation between directors and authors and involves carrying out activities such as exhibitions, screenings, workshops or talks…

The agreements reached between both parties will be subject to the recommendations of the decalogue of good professional practices signed by the AVAC Association (Association of Visual Artists of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón).

Any question related to the development of the Fair that does not appear included in these bases can be consulted directly with the organization of the event through the mail

Do you want to participate in FER FOC?