Photography and image fixa together with audiovisual narration have esdevingut the phenomenon of social communication for excellence to our society. More than 95% of the information that we process daily is iconographic, involving images of any type of social relationship. It is for this reason that the education of the image, the professional platforms related to this and the management of the professionalization and dignity of the figure of the photographer are essential. Tot i així, it is observed, the increasingly more worrying, lacking of judgments, and posed in value by both the photography professionals and the managers who promote it and a pedagogy of the image that allows its criticism .

Ens trobem doncs davant d’un moment de reflection necessari i molt més important d’action. It is per això that from FOC (Fotografia Observatorio Cultural) we have updated the information that, on the situation of this sector, obtained in 2020, just outside the confinement imposed by the health emergency of COVID 19, with the presentation of the 1st FOC Report.

This document is going public in the days that are going to be developed by the Menador Espai Cultural de Castelló, thanks to the support of the Universitat Jaume I and the Consorci de Museus de la Generalitat Valenciana at the end of February 2020.

In the update of the information collected aleshores, 23 photography festivals that collaborate with the FOC Platform have participated, so that formally it will be invited to participate in the study whether 50 members or not. In 2019 there will be 26 initiatives that will participate in the collection of information, so the updating of data presented in this 2nd FOC Report are consistent with each other and it is felt that it is possible to automatically extrapolate to all the festivals of photography of the quals that are due to the national territory, if they allow us to have an idea about the situation of the sector, taking into account the nature and fi of these types of projects, the six characteristics, management model, legal nature, conformation of the various work teams, activity programmes, financial vies, relations between the environment and the difficulties faced during the term of the proposals.