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Barcelona | Year of creation: 2013
Number of editions: 10 | Last edition: 2023

Art Photo Bcn, Photography Festival and Fair, is a meeting point between authors, the artistic circuit and lovers of current photography. After 9 years of energizing the sector, the event fulfills a double objective: to publicize and strengthen the work of new creative values and to support galleries, exhibition halls, institutions and independent curators who are committed to bringing photography closer to the general public and specialized. Towards this point they point out the fair, exhibitions, workshops and all the parallel activities that take place within the 10th edition in 2023.


Bilbao | Year of creation: 2017
Number of editions: 6 | Last edition: 2023

BasquedoKfestival offers through conferences and practical workshops to publicize and invite reflection and debate about documentary photography, the new challenges it faces and its evolution and future with the arrival of new technologies.


Barcelona | Year of creation: 2020
Number of editions: 4 | Last edition: 2023

More than 300 international artists and photography lovers will meet with the aim of generating a common space to share, learn and debate about experimental photography in its many facets: from the creation of cameras, optics and films to printing processes, intervention and production of copies, exhibitions and photo books. The non-profit Experimental photo festival Association has been created with the aim of making this event possible based on horizontality, gender equality and transparency.


Jávea (Alicante) | Year of creation: 2019
Number of editions: 5 | Last edition: 2023

International Festival of Spanish and Ibero-American Photography Ojos Rojos is a photographic project born as a free digital magazine (still available on the web), and converted into a festival since 2019. Ojos Rojos is authorial photography from Spain and Latin America.

FOC experience festival


Castellón | Year of creation: 2021
Number of editions: 2 | Last edition: 2022

Professional Photography Fair aimed at bringing together directors of national and European photography festivals and authors and creators. It promotes the roaming of photographic work, co-production and collaborative work. It seeks to generate an exhibition circuit at the national level.


Vitoria-Gasteiz | Year of creation: 2023
Number of editions: 1 | Last edition: 2023

National symposium on author photography, hotbed of photographic projects and works. The proposal continues the work carried out since 2018 in that same city and from the same Fotokalea perspective.


Menorca | Year of creation: 2019
Number of editions: 5 | Last edition: 2023

It fuses film and documentary photography as a tool for dissemination, awareness and education. Through photographic exhibitions, guided tours, conferences, screenings of short and feature-length documentaries, it influences audiovisual art to reflect on the changes that our societies and culture are experiencing.


Galicia | Year of creation: 1983
Number of editions: 35 | Last edition: 2017

The Festival: 35 editions from 83 to 2017 (both inclusive). The Outono Photographic Association announces the Galicia Prize for Contemporary Photography, which has been held every year since 2013. They produce an exhibition that travels for two years in 10 cities in Galicia and Portugal and a book is published that is distributed in bookstores. The photographic exhibition continues today.


Alaquàs | Year of creation: 2019
Number of editions: 2 (biannual) | Last edition: 2023

PhotoAlaquàs is a photography festival that aims to generate synergies between artists of different photographic genres who show their work and encourage encounters and artistic reflection, as well as bring the discipline closer to the community.


Tarragona | Year of creation: 2008
Number of editions: 9 | Last edition: 2023

International photography festival organized by the Tarragona City Council with the complicity of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia. SCAN stubbornly pushes photography and its hybridization with other disciplines, with the aim of exploring new forms of expression in a field that is unattainable and infinite, that of art.


Huesca | Year of creation: 2012
Number of editions: 9 | Last edition: 2023

Visiona Huesca is a cultural project organized by the Provincial Council of Huesca and directed by Pedro Vicente that aims to promote, support and disseminate contemporary artistic creation and thought around the image. VISIONA uses education and citizen participation as strategies to bring reflection and contemporary artistic practices to the inhabitants of Huesca. Its programming includes theoretical seminars, interventions, educational programs, exhibitions and various cultural activities. All of them have as their main axis the image and its multiple forms (photography, film, video, illustration, etc.) and they happen at different times of the year and different parts of the Huesca territory.


Terrassa | Year of creation: 2018
Number of editions: 6 | Last edition: 2023

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY, Organized by Terrassa Arts Visuals (Cultural Promotion and Diffusion Service of the Terrassa City Council), the Album wants to become a reference for national contemporary photographic creation and a springboard for artists with risky and critical projects that delve into human relationships and the generation of knowledge.


Braga (Portugal) | Year of creation: 1987
Number of editions: 36 | Last edition: 2023

Encontros da Imagem, with more than 30 years of existence, is a non-profit Cultural Association that organizes Findings da Imagem – International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts in the city of Braga, Portugal. The festival promotes classic and contemporary photography, showing works by established and emerging authors.


Madrid | Year of creation: 2013
Number of editions: 10 | Last edition: 2022

Fiebre is the first festival dedicated to photobooks in Spain. Fiebre has established itself as an annual meeting point dedicated to creators, students, professionals and new audiences who share a great passion for discovering, creating, producing and collecting photobooks.


Huelva | Year of creation: 2020
Number of editions: 4 | Last edition: 2022

International meeting of photography and visual arts, which tours the different regions of the province of Huelva. It is a place for dialogue, meeting, exchange of experiences and, above all, photographic coexistence. One more step in the promotion of culture as a generator of tourism and positioning of the province beyond its borders.


Getxo (Vizcaya) | Year of creation: 2007
Number of editions: 16 | Last edition: 2023

Getxophoto is a festival focused on image that has been taking place in Getxo-Basque Country for more than 15 years. Getxophoto is characterized by the radical defense of public space (physical and online) as a place of meeting, mutual recognition and as a field of experimentation, play and celebration against its homogenization and privatization. For this reason, most of its programming is made up of outdoor installations, highlighting, on the one hand, the link between image and the environment and, on the other, generating a more horizontal and participatory relationship with the public.


Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) | Year of creation: 2019
Number of editions: 5 | Last edition: 2023

LUMÍNIC is the Sant Cugat del Vallès photography festival, which since 2019 has promoted author photography. In an opening week and two months of travel, a complete program is displayed that includes exhibitions, talks, workshops and round tables. Carried along a new common thread each year, visitors will be able to enjoy established and emerging authors, both national and international. LUMÍNIC is a platform that works all year round, generating synergies with other cultural agents for the promotion of photography.


Badajoz | Year of creation: 2022
Number of editions: 2 | Last edition: 2023

Photography Festival organized by the CB Foundation, seeks to disseminate photography as a means of expression, communication and cultural participation, expand knowledge about current photography and know what is being done in terms of photographic projects and author photography and facilitate the public access to the work of current artists of recognized national and international prestige but without forgetting local and regional artists.


Soria | Year of creation: 2016
Number of editions: 8 | Last edition: 2023

On Photo Soria, was born with the aim of becoming an unmissable event, promoting Soria at a national level and with the ambition of finding a place among the great events of the visual arts on the Spanish scene, an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the projects photographs of the most prominent national visual artists.


Palencia | Year of creation: 2013
Number of editions: 10 | Last edition: 2023

Photography festival organized by the Contraluz Association and Photo 3 organizes exhibitions in the city and province of Palencia, as well as workshops, photographic outings and various activities, being a reference festival in the Castilian Leonese Community.


Torrelavega (Cantabria) | Year of creation: 2013
Number of editions: 11 | Last edition: 2023

It has evolved since its creation in 2013. The festival is made up of two types of exhibition displays; Photographic August and the Photo Art Festival. Those that come from the Portfolio Contest are 9 exhibitions, with a presence of 35% of authors from Latin American countries. Sometimes the festival is done through monographs. In the month of August, 9 other authors exhibit. Both projects are under the umbrella of the Torrelavega Photo Art Festival. Like workshops, introductory workshops and conferences.


Alcalá de Henares (Cantabria) | Year of creation: 2020
Number of editions: 4 | Last edition: 2023

QUIJOTE PHOTOFEST is a hybrid festival. QUIJOTE PHOTOFEST, the first photography festival organized in the city of Alcalá de Henares with the aim of promoting and disseminating this widespread discipline in society. Promoted from the Photography Classroom of the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá, it aims to highlight documentary and reportage photography through the eyes of our professionals, whose work is recognized both nationally and internationally, bringing together photographers from different generations and styles.


Teruel | Year of creation: 2008
Number of editions: 15 | Last edition: 2022

Festival that wants to bring great figures of photography to Teruel and encourage new talents.