Designed in the format of weekend cultural days, it is a proposal for social and community revitalization that takes as a priority reference the photographic creation carried out mainly by local amateur authors. Through screenings, talks and portfolio viewings, and counting on the experience that FOC provides, it represents recognition of the creative work they carry out, and a proposal for mediation from cultural pedagogy, for their growth and better performance.
It can be done simultaneously with the proposal ¡FINDE FOC¡.


The project includes the implementation of the following activities:

  • TALK: Presentation of photographic projects on the FOC Platform Characteristics, needs and advice.
  • PORTFOLIO VIEWING (10 photographic projects maximum).
  • WORKSHOP: The photographic project. An overview of its development.
  • FAN FOC SCREENING Multimedia Photography Show of photographic projects selected in the latest edition of the FER FOC (FOC Professional Photography Fair).
  • SCREENING of the 10 best Photographic Projects presented in multimedia format by local authors participating in the event

The project can be carried out jointly with the ¡FINDE FOC¡ proposal.


FAN FOC MULTIMEDIA PROJECTION, TALK AND ROUND TABLE, What is advisable is a meeting room with a movie screen or similar for the projection of the photographic projects that make up the exhibition. As an option, it can be projected from the available cannon using a mobile screen that minimally adapts to the technical needs. It is also possible to carry out the activity in a classroom or similar with equipment for multimedia projection.
Carrying out the photographic exhibition involves having an appropriate space for its exhibition.