FEM FOC 2021

II Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals of Spain.

The II Meeting of Directors of Photography Festivals in Spain will take place on October 14 and 15, 2021 in Castellón de la Plana thanks to the support of the Consorci de Museus (Consortium of Museums) and the collaboration of the Diputación de Castellón (Castellón Provincial Council).

On this occasion, in addition to the directors of national festivals, two directors of European Photography Festivals have been invited:

FOC (Photography Cultural Observatory) is a backbone project of the Spanish cultural territory and aspires to become an instrument for the promotion, dissemination and visualization of the reality of the national creative sector in direct contact with photography and the fixed image.

This initiative wants at the same time to be a recipient of the proposals, ideas and initiatives that are currently being developed in the territory, acting in this sense as a cultural observatory of cultural practices and consumption related to the world of creation through the still image and photography and a container of visual proposals and analysis of the reality of this sector of cultural heritage creation that serve all those people, groups, entities and institutions concerned and interested in this field.

At present, FOC is an initiative in which 44 photography festivals distributed throughout the Spanish geography participate, and works so that this group grows and manages to join all or most of the cultural projects that are organized in the form of a festival and They direct to the exhibition, promotion and enhancement of the fixed image as a cultural practice of the first order, bringing together exhibition, editorial, audiovisual, training proposals or of any other type that serve such purposes.

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