FOC-Focus Women

Designed in the format of a small festival, it is a proposal for socio-community revitalization that takes as a fundamental reference the photographic creation of a cultural heritage made by women. Photographers, artists, disseminators and researchers invite us to learn about their work. Through activities such as talks, exhibitions, projections and street activities and concentrated on a weekend in a specific location, it creates a space for reflection on its role in contemporary visual creation, from dialogue and participatory leisure.


The development of the FOC EXPERIENCE proposal is modular, it is adapted from a minimum to the interests, resources and needs of the requesting entity. Includes:

  • 3 PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS whose themes address identity, territory, memory as central axes that can be defined by focusing on more specific problems.
  • THE FAM FOC EXHIBITION, a multimedia exhibition in which 10 of the photographic projects selected by 15 directors of photography festivals nationwide are presented through the FER FOC PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FAIR.
  • A CYCLE OF TALKS open to the general public in which the following topics are addressed:
    * Pedagogy of the image, how to understand and enjoy the experience of an exhibition through the perceptive act
    * Dissemination of photographic heritage through FOC and the network of Photography Festivals of Spain
    * Guided visits to the exhibition projects
    * Portfolio reading/visual analysis workshop Review of Photographic projects (up to 10 proposals)


PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS: One or several spaces that can house 3 photography collections, each composed of 20 images in 50cmx70cm format. Mounting on rail or by means of a wall key.

CYCLE OF CONFERENCES AND PORTFOLIO VIEWING: Classroom or meeting room that has a computer and video projector and minimal sound equipment, if possible with an INTERNET connection.

FAM FOC Multimedia projection. What is advisable is a meeting room with a movie screen or similar for the projection of the photographic projects that make up the exhibition. As an option, it can be projected from the available cannon using a mobile screen that minimally adapts to the technical needs.
Accommodation for two nights for the technical team (2 people).