It is a socio-community revitalization proposal specifically designed to address, through photography and images as a social communication tool, specific problems addressed by the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda formulated by the United Nations. Through activities such as talks, exhibitions, screenings and street activities concentrated on a weekend in a specific location. Creates a space for meeting, reflection, enjoyment and participatory and enriching recreational leisure.


The development of the FOC EXPERIENCE proposal is modular, it is adapted from a minimum to the interests, resources and needs of the requesting entity. Includes:

  • 3 PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS whose themes address identity, territory, memory as central axes that can be defined by focusing on more specific problems.
  • THE FAM FOC EXHIBITION, a multimedia exhibition in which 10 of the photographic projects selected by 15 directors of photography festivals nationwide are presented through the FER FOC PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FAIR
  • A CYCLE OF TALKS open to the general public in which the following topics are addressed:
    * Pedagogy of the image, how to understand and enjoy the experience of an exhibition through the perceptive act
    * Dissemination of photographic heritage through FOC and the network of Photography Festivals of Spain
    * Guided visits to the exhibition projects
    * Portfolio reading/visual analysis workshop Review of Photographic projects (up to 10 proposals)


PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS: One or several spaces that can house 3 photography collections, each composed of 20 images in 50cmx70cm format. Mounting on rail or by means of a wall key.

CYCLE OF CONFERENCES AND PORTFOLIO VIEWING: Classroom or meeting room that has a computer and video projector and minimal sound equipment, if possible with an INTERNET connection.

FAM FOC Multimedia projection. What is advisable is a meeting room with a movie screen or similar for the projection of the photographic projects that make up the exhibition. As an option, it can be projected from the available cannon using a mobile screen that minimally adapts to the technical needs.
Accommodation for two nights for the technical team (2 people).